Oldsmar Junk Removal

Oldsmar, FL Junk RemovalResidents of Oldsmar have the option of hiring one of the easiest junk removal companies around with U Fill or We Fill. In service since 2004, both residential and industrial or commercial clients can have a dumpster on their property the same day for any type of clean up service.

When renting from U Fill We Fill, the rates are charged as a flat rate, which means you can put as much trash in the dumpster without surprise charges later. Unlike some of the competition, junk removal prices are easy to understand. Whether you simply want to get rid of items left over from a yard sale or estate sale, need appliance removal for remodeling projects, or have larger scale clean up projects, we can fill your needs.

It has never been easier to rent a dumpster to get rid of that junk. Simply give us a call (or email us) for a no-obligation quote, and let us know what you are disposing of. We will provide you with the right size dumpster for the project, and deliver it to your location – often the same day if needed.

The design of our dumpsters means it will be durable enough for any of your dumpster needs, but it won’t damage your property. Unlike roll off dumpsters our junk removal trailers are on wheels to protect your property.

Contact us today to schedule your Oldsmar, FL dumpster delivery from one of the most reliable names in the Tampa Bay area.

Oldsmar Zip Code We Service:


Looking for another city? Cities we serve near Oldsmar include:

Westchase, Tarpon Springs, Safety Harbor, Dunedin and more

Holiday FL Junk Removal

Holiday FL Junk RemovalU Fill We Fill Dumpster Service has been offering junk removal and dumpster drop off services in the Tampa area since 2004, and is proud to offer services to the Holiday, FL area. Located north of Tampa and Clearwater, Holiday is located close to the coast, with a high demand for cleaning services.  Junk removal is an asset to residents who are relocating, remodeling, cleaning up after renters move, or just have a generally large clean-up project.

We often don’t realize how large a clean up project is until we have begun, and the question of what to do with unwanted items can cause stress. No one wants to leave huge amounts of trash on the front lawn while a project is underway. With U Fill We Fill Dumpster Service, a dumpster is delivered to the clean up site for up the three days. Once all the items have been removed, the client simply calls and it is removed and disposed of without multiple trips to the dump. This saves a huge amount of time for the client to expedite the project.

Items removed with our services have included construction cleanup, including concrete removal, rental and foreclosure cleanup, hoarding removal, appliances, garage sale leftovers, and more.

We’ll provide you with a free estimate on your dumpster rental, working with you to find the right size dumpster for your needs. Our prices are extremely competitive; click to compare dumpster rental prices.

There isn’t an easier way to get rid of the unwanted items in your home, office or storage areas. Just call us, and we do the hardest part for you at a price you can afford.

We serve multiple locations, so if your zip code is not listed please contact us with any questions.

Zip Codes We Service:

34690, 34691, 34692

Looking for another city? Cities we serve near Holiday include:

NPR, Tarpon Springs, Trinity, Hudson and more

Citrus Park Junk Removal

Citrus Park Junk RemovalU Fill We Fill Dumpster Service have been operating since 2004. Since the beginning, the reputation for quick dumpster delivery has become our key to success. Citrus Park, FL residents are now in the service area for dumpster delivery to residential and businesses that require cleanup.

Clients frequently call for junk removal services as a result of landscape cleanup, foreclosures or construction debris. No matter what the mess is, U Fill We Fill is ready to deliver the right size dumpster for your individual needs.

In order to find the right dumpster size, clients need to have a good estimate of how many items are being thrown away. This will help the customer service staff assist you in finding the right size dumpster. Once a dumpster has been delivered, clients may keep it for up to three days in the included price. Once it has been filled, all you have to do is give us a call and it will be removed and taken to the dump. No more stress over how to get rid of those huge cleanup items!

We offer services for a wide range of cleanup projects. Whether you are looking to get rid of:

  • Appliances
  • Bed or Mattresses
  • Cabinets
  • Carpet
  • Computer Monitors
  • Cubicles
  • Drywall and Sheetrock
  • Electronics
  • Exercise Equipment
  • Garage Clean-Outs
  • Garage Sale Leftovers
  • Hoarding cleanout
  • Office Clean-Outs
  • Restaurant Equipment
  • Storage Unit Clean-Outs
  • Wood and Lumber

Or other items, please contact us to schedule an estimate for services. We take pride in making Citrus Park a beautiful place to live.

Citrus Park Zip Codes We Service:

33556, 33615, 33624, 33625, 33626

Looking for another city? Cities we serve near Citrus Park include:

Lutz, Land O’ Lakes, Westchase, Tampa, East Lake and more

Spring Hill Junk Removal

Spring Hill FL Junk RemovalShows such as Clean Sweep and Hoarders have made junk removal services more popular than ever. As home and office owners decide to take on the task of large scale cleaning projects, Spring Hill offers a dumpster rental service that has a proven track record of customer service.

U Fill or We Fill has been proudly serving Tampa Bay area residents with same day junk removal and dumpster drop off for all types of cleaning projects. We’ve handled both large and small projects, and clients have the option to hire us to fill the dumpsters, or we can leave a dumpster for clients to fill themselves.

Some of the reasons you might consider using our junk removal services include:

  • Unwanted Item Removal
  • Appliance Removal
  • REO Cleanouts
  • Rental Cleanouts
  • Garage Cleanout
  • Office Equipment Removal
  • Exercise Equipment
  • Concrete Removal
  • Construction Debris
  • Drywall and Sheetrock
  • Carpet Removal
  • Hot Tub Removal
  • Rubbish Removal

Whether you are cleaning up years of junk, or need to restore a property after it has been damaged, finding the best junk removal price from an experienced company can take the headache out of cleanup. Often disposing of the items is the most difficult part of cleaning.

Contact us at 727-505-3851 or by email for a no-obligation estimate.

Spring Hill Zip Codes We Service:

34604, 34606, 34607, 34608. 34609, 34610, 34611

Looking for another city? Cities we serve near Spring Hill include:

Dade City, Zephyrills, New Port Richey, Hudson, Land O Lakes and more

Hudson FL Junk Removal

Hudson, FL Junk RemovalU-Fill or We Fill offers junk removal services to the Hudson, FL area. Cleaning projects or relocation often produces more trash than can be easily transported and a dumpster rental is the best way to effectively remove unwanted items.

U Fill or We Fill Dumpster Service proudly serves the entire Hudson area with same day service that is available for a variety of hauling jobs. We can provide dumpsters for small projects or even larger projects if needed. Whether you are remodeling and need to haul away appliances, cabinets and other construction debris, or just need to get rid of large items such as furniture or exercise equipment, we proudly provide this service.

With our flat rate pricing, our company offers some of the most competitive pricing you can find. Feel free to shop around; our prices for junk removal services are among the best around.

We offer a no obligation estimate for your projects, whether you want to hire us for the clean up or just have a dumpster delivered. We can match your needs to our services to find the best option for you.

Dumpster rentals are not limited to just the Hudson, Florida area; please call to see if we can deliver to your location.

Some of the items we can remove:

  • Furniture
  • Mattresses
  • Estate sale leftovers
  • Office equipment removal
  • Restaurant equipment
  • Storage unit clean-out
  • Landscaping debris

If you have items that is not listed, please contact us and get more information about your needs. We are more than happy to help you out.

Hudson Zip Codes We Serve:

34667, 34669, 34674

Our Dumpster Sizes

All dumpsters are on wheels which help protect your driveway.  Also, all of our trailers have back doors that open which allows for easy loading.
8 yard dump trailer
Small (7′ x 14′ x 2′)

Our small junk removal trailers are ideal for garage cleanouts, yard debris, and up to 20 squares of roofing. As you can see in the picture both back doors open up for easy loading.

12 yard junk removal dumpster
Medium (7′ x 14′ x 3′)

Our medium dump trailers are our mid sized option. These can hold up to 35 squares of roofing material. These are also great for bigger garage clean outs, house clean outs, large yards, etc.

15 yard junk hauling trailer
Large (7′ x 14′ x 4′)

The large hauling trailers are our biggest. These are great for appliance removal, spa removal, complete house cleanouts, and many other large projects.

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Palm Harbor Junk Removal

Palm Harbor Junk Removal ServiceFor years now, U Fill or We Fill has removed junk from the community. Neighbors from all over Palm Harbor have contacted us over the years to remove everything from several trailers worth of junk and trash to single items they no longer wanted. We gladly offer delivery the very same day you contact us in most cases free of charge.

We know that in today’s times we’re all busy and things can get passed us. This is exactly why we make the process of ordering a junk removal trailer easy for you. You only have to contact us and a dump trailer will be delivered to you and whether you load them or have us do the loading, you’ll finally get that job done!!

You’re never obligated to rent a dumpster at the time of your call or email but are more than welcome to a free quote. Whatever the task you have we’ll be able to help. If you have an easy garage clean-out – call us. Foreclosure mess on your hands? We’ll help you out. Better yet, have a bulky item such as like spa, hot tub, appliance, roof replacement, or even yard debris? Not a problem! Homeowners, tenants, commercial, or industrial customers are welcomed to use our services. Some other uses we’ve seen are emptying the Florida room, remodeling portions of the house and even the annual spring cleaning chore.

U Fill or We Fill is glad to be your first choice local trash hauling company when it comes to junk removal or trash hauling services. Convenience, value, and professionalism is what we’re all about and we want to make sure you are completely satisfied with our services. Feel free to drop us a line with any comments!

Zip Codes in Palm Harbor That We Cover:

34682, 34683, 34684, 34685


Tampa Junk Removal

Tampa Junk Removal Service

Whether you have a few pieces of bulky junk you need removed or have a lot of trash you need hauled away, U Fill or We Fill can

help. We’ve worked in the community for over 6 years now hauling single large items or even several junk trailers full of stuff. No matter if you’re a residential, commercial, or industrial customer if you call us today we can get a trailer to you the very same day in most cases.

Getting started is easy! Contact us to let us know you need a dumpster or several dumpsters and we’ll drop it off where you want it. We’ll schedule a time with you to pick up the dumpster or we’ll even wait if it won’t be that long – the choice is up to you.

We’ve done clean outs for office buildings (including cubicles, telecom equipment, desks, etc), homeowners, restaurants, etc.

U Fill or We Fill is a local junk hauling service that’s proud to be your choice when it comes to trash removal and getting rid of the junk you don’t want! We’ll do what it takes to make the service convenient, valuable, and professional for you ensuring you’re completely satisfied. We’re here and ready to help you get rid of all the items you no longer want. Just give us a call.

Hillsborough County Zip Codes We Service:

33601, 33602, 33603, 33604, 33605, 33606, 33607, 33608, 33609, 33610, 33611, 33612, 33613, 33614, 33615, 33616, 33617, 33618, 33619, 33620, 33621, 33622, 33623, 33624, 33625, 33626, 33629, 33630, 33631, 33633, 33634, 33635, 33637, 33647, 33650, 33651, 33655, 33660, 33661, 33662, 33663, 33664, 33672, 33673, 33674, 33675, 33677, 33679, 33680, 33681, 33682, 33684, 33685, 33686, 33687, 33688, 33689, 33690, 33694, 33697


New Port Richey Junk Removal

New Port Richey Junk Removal

U Fill or We Fill is a dumpster drop off service has been in business since 2004. We are available to haul away anything from a single item to multiple trailer loads of junk. We can rent out and deliver dump trailers to your residential, commercial, or industrial location seven days a week with same-day delivery in almost all cases.

Having trouble deciding which dumpster to choose? No problem! Contact us for your free estimate and we’ll help you along the way. We help with everything from a simple garage clean-out to hauling away foreclosure clean-outs. Some common jobs that we complete are:

  • kitchen remodels
  • roof replacements
  • yard debris
  • honey-do projects

We are available for residential, commercial, or landscape junk removal. Some other common uses are spring cleaning, home demolition, interior junk removal and remodeling trash.

U Fill or We Fill is a local trash removal company that wants to be your choice when it comes to junk or other bulky item pick-up. Our services incorporate professionalism, convenience, and value, and we are deeply committed to customer satisfaction.

Just contact us via telephone or email. We’re available and ready to help you tackle those disposal jobs that are too big for the weekly garbage service.

Zip Codes in NPR, Florida That We Service

34652, 34653, 34654, 34655, 34656

Why Rent a Dumpster From Us?

We’ve always had and always will offer flat rates with no additional fees. There’s a reason we’ve been in business since 2004 so contact us and see why – we’d love to work with you.